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The Havana Reporter

On the occasion of the 59th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, The Havana Reporter is featuring an article dealing with the continuousUS hostility Cuba has faced ever since its revolutionary forces took power on January 1st, 1959.  

  This issue, published December 26, includes articles on Cuba´s relations with its Caribbean neighbors, and the results from the poll taken by the Prensa Latina news agency to select the year´s best athletes in Latin America and the Caribbean. More than 100 regional media participated in the survey.

  Other ighlights of this edition include the recent 39th International Festival of New Latin American Film held in Havana, and regional issues such asthe election results in Chile and the ways gender inequality stunts development.

Articles dealing with the refreezing of US-Cuba relations under the administration of President Donald Trump, and the lesser known aspects of The Bay of Pigs are among the highlights of this year´s 23rd issue of The Havana Reporter, available since December 13.

This issue includes articles on regional affairs such as child labor, economic diversification, Chile´s run-off elections next December 17 and the need for swift delivery of the aid promised  Caribbean islands hit by recent hurricanes.

The sports page looks at the Latin American teams in the upcoming  World Football Cup while millions of fans wonder if  this time Lionel Messi will win the only trophy missing from his collection of awards.

The 22nd issue of The Havana Reporter, available from November 30th, features articles on Cuba´s economy, culture and its current relations
with the United States.

Highlights of this issue include Havana´s preparations to celebrate its 500th anniversary, in 2019, and the Prensa Latina news agency´s
annual poll to select the year´s best athletes.