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In 1893 was inaugurated in Havana a masterpiece of Cuban civil engineering of all time, the Aqueduct of Albear, the final solution to the water crisis that at that time, affected the inhabitants of the capital.

Public opinion polls reveal that more than 70 percent of voters opted for the re-election of Vladimir Putin. However, each candidate disclosed his electoral program.

A few days of the elections in Russia, experts give their prognosts and assessments on what will happen next march 18th.

The City of Hurghada, south of Egypt, suffered for many years great shortage of drinking water, it depended entirely on two cities that carried water from the Nile. Today the reality is another since the launch of a modern desalination plant that totally supplies the area. More details with our correspondent Yosbel Bullaín.

The armed forces of Egypt are promoting a major military operation against terrorism. The actions that have left several extremists dead, have developed so far in the north and center of the Sinai Peninsula, as well as in the western desert.

The electoral process in Venezuela is advancing despite the imminent danger of a warlike confrontation, the media war, the manipulations in the exchange market and the constant measures applied to destabilize the country.

China urges the two Koreas to avoid actions that produce new tensions in the region, while the United States remains with its policy of pressure against North Korea. More details with our correspondent Isaura Diez.

The Cuban medical brigade in Haiti celebrates this 2018 two decades bringing health to the Caribbean nation. In Port Au Prince, the capital of the country begins this tour that will relate the stories of the more than 600 Cuban professionals.

Cuba and the European Union are implementing a cooperation program on renewable energies. Stefano Manservisi, the European Commission Director-General for International Cooperation and Development offered the details to this news agency. Let’s see the following report.

Although the competitive parades of samba schools have ended, in Brazil the carnival season continues throughout the week. In the capital of the country, one of the so-called street blocks paid homage to Cuban music.

Representatives of Brazilian political parties and social organizations reiterated at the Chamber of Representatives their opposition to the pension reform promoted by the de facto government of Michel Temer.