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By Antonio Rondon Garcia

Moscow, Sep 15 (Prensa Latina) Cuba is ready today to receive Russian tourism in its favorite destinations, Varadero and Havana, where the recovery, after Hurricane Irma, allows the operation of most of its facilities.

14 de septiembre de 2017, 16:42United Nations, Sept 14 (Prensa Latina) Colombian ambassador to the UN Maria Emma Mejia thanked today in the Security Council the international support to the peace process in her country, boosted after the signature of an agreement between the government and FARC-EP.

Brasilia, Sep 14 (Prensa Latina) President of Brazil, Michel Temer, has no way out to escape from a probable new denunciation of the attorney general of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, who already previously accused him of passive corruption.

La Paz, Sept 13 (Prensa Latina) Bolivia is the first nation to ratify the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, highlighted today President Evo Morales in the 10th anniversary of the approval of such international instrument.

By Adalys Pilar Mireles

Havana, Sep 12 (Prensa Latina) Experts are evaluating the damage caused by the devastating Hurricane Irma to biodiversity during its passage through Cuba, confirmed the president of the Environment Agency, Maritza Garcia.

08 de septiembre de 2017, 15:18Moscow, Sept 8 (Prensa Latina) Russia demanded today the western humanitarian concrete help to Syrian cities liberated from terrorism, as Deir Ez-Zor, and expressed such request to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

By Roberto Salomón *

Havana (Prensa Latina) Responsible for 16 percent of exports and four percent of imports of world agricultural trade, Latin Amnerica faces great challenges to benefit from its productive potential and reach sustainable development.

Por Oscar Bravo Fong

Damascus, Sep 7 (Prensa Latina) The western ideologists, in their effort to perpetuate the presence of terrorist groups in Syria, never imagined that the armed forces of this country would achieve such an unquestionable triumph: the victory in Deir Ezzor.

Quito, Sept 6 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador and Canada consolidate today commerce relations with the approval here by the National Assembly of a convene on air transport.

Caracas, Sept 4 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela delivered today protest notes to accredited ambassadors of Spain, Italy, Germany and Great Britain for the intromission of their respective governments in issues of the South American nation.

04 de septiembre de 2017, 15:32Brussels, Sept 4 (Prensa Latina) The leader of socialists in the European Parliament Gianni Pittela called today both main candidates of recent elections in Kenya, in a statement, to avoid post electoral violence in such country.