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Interior Centroamérica / Caribe

Por Orlando Oramas León *

Mexico (Prensa Latina) Fernando Buen Abad might hold many titles, although he prefers to be introduced as an academic.

Mexico, Jun 28 (Prensa Latina) The Mexican population has grown one percent in one year, equivalent to 1,200,000 inhabitants, and reached 122,300,000 people by late 2016, it was reported today.

Mexico, Jun 27 (Prensa Latina) The use of illegal drugs among adolescents has doubled in the last five years in Mexico, according to data from the National Survey of Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption (Encodat 2016) released today.

San Jose, Jun 27 (Prensa Latina) The Costa Rican High School Teachers'' Association (APSE) confirmed that around 7,000 members would participate today in the national protest, defending the rights of education workers.

Mexico, Jun 26 (Prensa Latina) The Attorney General''s Office (PGR) is investigating a millionaire embezzlement against Eduardo Luque, former director general of the Center of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation of the State of Mexico.

Mexico, Jun 26 (Prensa Latina) The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) said that having a general law to prevent, investigate and punish torture is a breakthrough, but it is insufficient today.

Bridgetown,Jun 26 (Prensa Latina) Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs Adriel Brathwaite today warned that the responsibility for parenting this country''s youth could not be left to the mass media.

San Salvador, Jun 26 (Prensa Latina) Salvadoran deputy Blandino Nerio denounced today the recurrent plot of US congressmen to affect the electoral processes of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN).

Mexico, Jun 25 (Prensa Latina) Camilo Juan Castagne, the coordinator of the Federal Police in the Mexican state of Veracruz, was assassinated in a shooting in which two other police officers were killed, government authorities reported on Sunday.

Mexico, Jun 25 (Prensa Latina) Nayeri and Wixarikacados indigenous people, who have lived for centuries in the Mexican state of Nayarit, are demanding respect for their ancestral territories, which have been invaded by the builders of a dam.