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África / Medio Oriente

20 de octubre de 2017, 17:38Geneva, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) The outbreak of plague that has hit Madagascar since August is expanding with unprecedented speed, with 300 confirmed cases and 94 deaths, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported here on Friday.

20 de octubre de 2017, 15:41Pretoria, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuba celebrated today the National Culture Day with the presentation of the film El Ojo del Canario, as part of the Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival (GRULAC), inaugurated on Wednesday.

20 de octubre de 2017, 15:25Mogadishu, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) Once faced by territorial conflicts, Ethiopia and Somalia tightened ties today with the sending of humanitarian aid from the first to the victims of the brutal attack a week ago.

Baracoa, Cuba, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) The suggestive name of La Esperanza is an eco-accommodation for tourists in search of nature and adventures in eastern Cuba, experts from the travel sector in this region stress today.

Ankara, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) Turkey''s military has set up today its first observation post in the Syrian region of Idlib, to monitor cease-fire in the Arab country, military sources said.

Damascus, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) After more than six years of war in Syria, the path to peace still has obstacles due to the western powers'' stubbornness, especially by the United States, to hinder that goal by supporting terrorist groups.

Tehran, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Iran, Major General Mohamad Husein Baqeri, reiterated the country''s determination to support Syria in the fight against terrorism, local digital media reported today.

Pretoria, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) South Africa expressed worry over the rising protectionism in trade during the twentieth meeting of the Ministerial Committee of the Africa, Caribbean, Pacific (ACP) group, it was informed here today.

Damascus, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) The need to draw up clear future plans for industrial companies in Aleppo for the near, mid and long terms based on feasibility and capabilities available is required to start the wheels of production, stressed Syria''s Industrial Minister, Ahmad al-Hamo.

Havana, Oct 19 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa, Luwellyn Landers, held a meeting today in this capital city on the state of relations between the two countries, which they described as excellent.

19 de octubre de 2017, 16:38Damascus, Oct 19 (Prensa Latina) Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received today a letter from the supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Ali Khamenei, in which he congratulated the victories achieved in fighting terrorism.