Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Canal RSS de la Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina China urges to avoid tensions between two Koreas China urges the two Koreas to avoid actions that produce new tensions in the region, while the United States remains with its policy of pressure against North Korea. More details with our correspondent Isaura Diez. Cuban health professionals work in Haiti for over two decades The Cuban medical brigade in Haiti celebrates this 2018 two decades bringing health to the Caribbean nation. In Port Au Prince, the capital of the country begins this tour that will relate the stories of the more than 600 Cuban professionals. Cuba and the European Union for more cooperation on renewable energies Cuba and the European Union are implementing a cooperation program on renewable energies. Stefano Manservisi, the European Commission Director-General for International Cooperation and Development offered the details to this news agency. Let’s see the following report. One of the Brazilian carnival’s bloc rendered tribute to the Cuban music Although the competitive parades of samba schools have ended, in Brazil the carnival season continues throughout the week. In the capital of the country, one of the so-called street blocks paid homage to Cuban music. Brazilian people are urged to keep demonstrations against pension reform Representatives of Brazilian political parties and social organizations reiterated at the Chamber of Representatives their opposition to the pension reform promoted by the de facto government of Michel Temer. China organizes festivities for new lunar year China will celebrate on February 16th the start of the new lunar year with the holding of the so-called Spring Party, an occasion for family reunion and celebrations in the country. Bolivia’s ambassador to Cuba highlights Evo Morales’ leadership Cuba and Bolivia celebrate 35 years of diplomatic relations. Journalist Nayara Tardo brings us the exclusive on the topic with Juan Ramón Quintana, Bolivia’s ambassador to Cuba. Fabrica de Arte Cubano, cultural and multidisciplinary site of Havana Fabrica de Arte Cubano, is a cultural and multidisciplinary site. Some years ago, this space located in the interceptions of 26 and 11 in Vedado emerged. Its objective is to develop a community work with the participation of several generations. Millions of Brazilian people live in extreme poverty Some 52 million Brazilians, the equivalent of a quarter of the country's population, live in poverty and 13 million are in an extreme situation. Donald Trump’s statement to declare Jerusalem’s Israel’s capital rejected Members of the Fatah movement in Egypt and Palestinians living in Cairo reject the position of US President Donald Trump who recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Triumph Arch: keeping the flame of memory alive  Located in Paris the Arc de Triomphe was erected in 1806 by order of Napoleon Bonaparte. Inspired by the ancient arches, this emblematic monument of the French capital pays homage to the victorious troops of the Battle of  Austerlitz. The following work expands this topic. Stable birthrate growth in China Following the repeal two years ago of the family planning law, known as the one-child policy, the birth rate in China increased, considered one of the most aged nations in the world. More details with our correspondent, Isaura Diez. Russia will extend economic cooperation with Latin America The Russian government will expand economic cooperation and political alliances with Latin America this year, stated the Foreign Minister of the European nation Serguei Lavrov. Support to Brazilian former president Lula after adverse ruling The trial against former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva kept the Brazilians in suspense this week. With the results of that legal process our correspondent in that country Adriana Robreño. Year of social and political triumphs for Venezuela Within the political conquests of last year in Venezuela, highlights the resumption of dialogue between the government and the opposition in order to ensure coexistence and resolve the economic situation facing the South American country. More information in the following work. China’s initiative favors the elderly In Beijing, the capital of China, 85 families inaugurated the first public rental community for the elderly. The houses are designed to provide a more comfortable life for members of the elderly. More information in the report of our correspondent Isaura Diez. 2018: critical year to consolidate peace in Colombia More than a year after the historic agreement with the FARC-EP, strengthening its implementation and advancing negotiations with the ELN insurgent constitute challenges in search of a total peace for Colombia. Musician Arturo O’Farrill gives concert in Havana The four times Grammy winner Arturo O’Farrill is in Havana and has shared scenario with Cuban musicians at the club La Zorra y el Cuervo. The composer offered an exclusive interview to PLTV. Cuba to host Esperanto congress in 2018 Esperanto is a modern language... its purpose is to achieve the understanding of human beings. Currently it is one of the 64 languages included in the Google translator and in Wikipedia; it occupies the 22 position ahead of the Arabic and the Danish. Ecological houses built in Brasilia 30 kilometers from the center of Brasilia, the movement of workers without ceiling started the construction of ecological houses for the inhabitants of the favela sol naciente, one of the largest in Brazil. Our correspondent Adriana Robreno was there and brings us details of this project.