Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Canal RSS de la Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Cuba and the Caribbean keep cooperation ties Beyond economics and politics, Cuba and the Caribbean maintain ties and areas of exchange in sectors such as health, culture and sport. More details in the next report. Imports of brazilian meat suspended amid business scandal The European Union, Chile, China and South Korea announced the temporary suspension of some imports of Brazilian beef due to the scandal involving more than 30 companies in this sector in the South American nation. The companies are accused of paying off inspectors to overlook practices including processing rotten meat. About the impact of this event the following report by Adriana Robreño. Discover Benny More thanks to a friend´s memories Benny Moré was a composer, orchestrator and conductor, considered the greatest singer in America and the highest representative of Cuban music. In Cuba there are still several members of the Band of Benny Moré. One of them is Lázaro Oscar Valdés, the last piano player of the singer who made popular thesong Santa Isabel de lasLajas. Let's watch Berta Caceres is still remembered a year after her death A year after the horrendous crime of Honduran activist Berta Cáceres, Prensa Latina spoke with the sister of environmentalist Agustina Flores for a few minutes. Let's look at the work of journalist Claudia Ojeda. Mont Saint Michel, a journey to other times With several centuries of existence, Mont Saint Michel is one of the most visited tourist sites in France thanks to its innumerable historical, architectural and natural attractions. This year were performed around 50 mini-expositions on nature, science, travel, among others. Since 2014, hundreds of Russian families visit the Art Center in Moscow. There, the children have the possibility to closely see many of the animals to which Mom and Dad gave voice and life in their bedtime stories, as now they appear to 500 life-size photographs. Bet Cuba for a responsible paternity Cuba shows favorable results in responsible parenthood. The subject is brought to us by journalist Edisvel Perez in the following work. In good condition Cuba- Guatemala relations The historical links between Cuba and Guatemala are consolidated on the basis of cooperation in education, health and regional integration as well as in the rejection of the United States blockade against the island. More details in the interview given to Prensa Latina Television by the Cuban ambassador in Guatemala, Juan León. Proposed to remove rights to workers in Brazil Brazilian congress is debating several proposals, at a suggestion of Michel Temer administration, to remove rights to workers. Adriana Robreño, our correspondent in the Brazilia with more information. Modern times: more than eight decades later The film Modern Times, directed and starring Charles Chaplin shows us the difference of classes, the workers' struggle and the impact of the industrial revolution on the society of the 30's of the last century. About the validity of this film, more than 80 years after its release will try the following work. Marriage arranged by the parents: a chinese tradition In China, a tradition of the imperial era is still alive. In that time the parents used to arrange the marriage of their children. In their culture that is also part of love and as we have recently celebrated Saint Valentine´s day, we bring you this story by Isaura Diez. Conical hat: symbol of vietnamese culture The Asian conical hat, also known as Asian rice hat, is one of the distinctive symbols of Vietnam. Its craftwork is recognized as one of the oldest and most beautiful traditions of the Southeast Asian country. Cuba to host congresses on responsible aesthetics Aesthetics continues to be a concern in the scientific field. The affections to the skin for the use of cosmetics and beauty products, as well as the professional intrusiveness will be some of the topics to be debated by specialists in Cuba. Details by journalist Hansell Oro. China hosts ice and snow festival Every year an ice and snow festival in China brings together the families celebrating the arrival of the new lunar year. The occasion also favors the approach of foreigners to the Chinese traditions. More details with our correspondent in Beijin, Isaura Diez. First Cuban “Hugo R. Chavez Frias” taekwondo cup pays homage to Venezuelan leader Cuba held the first Taekwondo Cup Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías in tribute to the Bolivarian leader. From the base the future athletes of this sport are arranged in the island. Let's look at the details in the next report. Cuba celebrates the 26th International Book Fair In Cuba is celebrated these days the largest cultural event in the country. The international book fair dedicated to Dr. Armando Hart Dávalos, has Canada as a guest country of honor. Let's see more details in the following report. Knowing the life of a living statue Among the original Living Statues that we find in the old part of Havana, stands out for its originality a character known as the Billetero. French intellectual Paul Estrade awarded medal of friendship by Cuba French intellectual Paul Estrade received the medal of friendship granted by the council of state of Cuba, recognition to a man whose career shows him as a sincere friend of the caribbean nation. International Book Fair in Egypt, the world's second largest book fair The International Book Fair in Egypt will take place until Feb. 10. It is considered one of the most ancient in the middles east. This cultural event is celebrated despite the difficult economic situation in the country. China celebrates spring festival China is celebrating the arrival of the new lunar year with the spring party, a moment for family reunification and festivities throughout the nation. More details with our correspondent in Beijing, Isaura Diez. Discover the insights of the song Riding with Fidel Riding with Fidel, recorded at Abdala Studios, is the latest creation of Cuban singer-songwriter Raúl Torres. Journalist Hansell Oro brings us some details of the creative process revealed by his own artists. Social inequality and economy, challenges in Dominican Republic Despite the economic growth, inequalities in the Dominican Republic are reduced at a very slow pace and health and education indicators are still below the regional averages. Marti´s pro-integration thought still present in Latin America The independence and unity ideas defended by José Martí set new standards in the Latin American continent. The following report brings us closer to the thought of the Cuban Apostle and his dream of continental integration, on the occasion of the 164th anniversary of his birth. CELAC calls for regional unity With the adoption of the political declaration of Punta Cana culminated the 5th summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), which took place in Bávaro; Dominican Republic. With details on the results of the meeting, journalist Hansell Gold. Dancing in Cuba, rescues traditional Cuban dances A new audiovisual space creates the expectation in the homes of Cubans. Dancing in Cuba is the latest proposal of RTV Commercial and Cuban Television. With details the journalist Hansell Oro. Crease in Egypt prices of medicines Thank you very much Hansell for your report. And going from South America to Africa, in Egypt, in the last months the imports of medications have decreased as well as the raw materials used in the production of drugs. This has directly affected in the poor population. More details from Cairo by our correspondent, Yosbel Bullaín. Monument to Reconciliation, a symbol for deepening peace in El Salvador Salvadoran President Salvador Sánchez Cerén inaugurated the Monument to Reconciliation in that capital. Our correspondent Odalys Troya with more details. 2016: international year of cultural exchange china-Latin America China declared 2016 as Year of Cultural Exchange with Latin America and the Caribbean. Both regions intend to diversify and strengthen the relations mainly in the economic and trade sectors Usain Bolt wins yearly Prensa Latina poll The Jamaican speedster Usain Bolt won the Best Latin American Sportsman given by the Prensa Latina Poll. Undefeated in 3 olimpics games and more than 27 races has  entered the Olympus. CUBA FORSEES TOURISM GROWTH IN 2017 Cuba consolidates its opportunities to be a safe tourist destination and With attractive proposals in its presentation sheet as Isla del Caribe (Caribbean Island), in 2017 the aspiration is to reach the tourist number 4 million. Fidel Castro’s legacy remembered in Argentina Young Argentines gathered at the island's embassy in Buenos Aires to pay homage to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution. Palestinian ambassador to Cuba highlights Latin American support The Ambassador of the Palestinian State in Cuba Akram Mohammed Samhan highlighted the solidarity of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean with The cause of the Palestinian people today Moscow declares that there is no agreement with the United States on Aleppo Russia's Foreign Ministry clarified that there is no agreement on the current situation in Aleppo with the United States, essentially because Washington insists on "unacceptable ceasefire and cessation of hostilities." A trip to the castle of Blois, in the center of France Located in the heart of France, Blois Castle is one of the protected jewels in the Loire Valley, a vast territory that gathers more than 30 medieval and renaissance castles which was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in year 2000. Russia’s muslim community rejects radical and extremist manifestations In the Russian Federation, a multi-ethnic nation, the rights to freedom of worship and faith are established. The Muslim community is the second largest in the country with about 25 million citizens faithful to Islam. USA AND CUBA’S SPECIALISTS EXCHANGE ABOUT HEALTH ISSUES The International Board of Medicine and Surgery of the United States and the Cuban National Council of Scientific Health-Related Societies held a professional exchange in areas of medicine. From France, many voices claim for the end of the United States blockade against Cuba This week the demand to end the blockade was strongly heard in France. In the Cuban embassy in Paris was presented the report on the damages caused by the hostile measure, while organizations of solidarity expressed their support to Cuba. Celebrates in russia the adoption of a resolution against the blockade against cuba A broad repercussion had in Russia the overwhelming support given at the UN to the resolution demanding the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed for more than 5 decade by the United States to Cuba. Among the statements for support stand the one by Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov and the two chambers of the federal parliament. Cuba ratifies commitment to the protection of Ozone Layer With the complete elimination of emissions of hydrofluorocabones (HFC) to the atmosphere, Cuba advances in meeting the provisions of the Montreal Protocol, a fact that was confirmed in a report by officials of the Technical Office of Cuba Energy. Colombia rules in La Vuelta; Paralympics rocks the mile Colombian rider Nairo Quintana made history by winning La Vuelta, the Spanish tour of cycling, and four Paralympic athletes ran the mile faster than Olympic champion in Rio-2016. Cuba and China signed economic and trade agreements Cuban and Chinese representatives signed three cooperation agreements during the 28th Session of the Cuba-China Intergovernmental Commission for economy and trade. Women, symbol of respect and admiration Inequality and gender violence are usually overlapped phenomena, they attempt not only against the women, but the Latin-American society as well. LochteGate the Fratboy and Fu Yuanhui the Chinese swimmer that stole the world´s heart Ryan Lochte went from hero to zero on Rio-2016, after he lied about his vandalism in a gas station of the Wonderful City. Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui was the most lovable athlete in Rio-2016 thanks to her joyful attitude. Cuba - US Scheduled flights begin next August 31 US company JetBlue will inaugurate the route, this time from Florida to Santa Clara. Immense from the top of the Eiffel Tower Visitors from all over the world come to Paris, France, to enjoy the Eiffel Tower's majesty. Unforgettable moments that will remain forever in the visitors' memories. Green pools and winning tricks in Rio-2016 Rio de Janeiro just said good bye to a very peculiar Olympic Games, plenty of heroes and stories that made headlines. Here we tell you why the diving tank became green, and what tricks do the champions did to gain time. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not… History, tradition and modernity in the first Villa founded in Cuba The oldest city in Cuba, Baracoa, reaches its 505th anniversary. The city has become one of the most visited destinations by tourists in the island. Faces and stories of a United States photographer A face is a story, Peter Turnley knows that, therefore he gets connected with the story beyond the photographic shot. This one deals with an issue of today's world; the refugees. This happened during the Kosovo conflict, but it could happen in Sudan, Syria ... a nowadays story. Havana, wonder city of Cuba and the world Its natural landscapes along with its people distinguish this old enclave founded in the 16th Century from other cities in the world. Today Havana is seen as a Wonder City. Cuba, the most recurrent country for Ernest Hemingway. In Finca Vigia, 24 kilometers from Havana, the American writer of Universal level Ernest Hemingway immortalized a humble fisherman of Cojimar in his final full-length work “The Old Man and the Sea”.