Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Canal RSS de la Agencia Latinoamericana de Noticias Prensa Latina Cuban company CEPIL celebrates 55 years of foundation The Company CEPIL, located in the central Cuban province of Ciego de Avila is the only one of its kind in the production of toothbrushes in the country. This 2018 its workers celebrate the 55th anniversary of its foundation. With the report the journalist Sahay Etayo. Sixty Russian diplomats expelled after Washington measures Russia will expel sixty U.S diplomats. The measure enforced by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a clear response to the events in Washington. Hansell Oro with the approach to the events Fidel Castro’s historic dinner with coalmen on December 24, 1959 remembered Almost 59 years ago, Cuba’s Prime Minister Fidel Castro spent thenight of December 24, 1959 with coalmen from Ciénaga de Zapata. A Prensa Latina Television team talked with Haydee García, a witness of thatmemorable meeting. Haitian women fight for a fairer and more equal country The first big demonstration demanding women’s full participation in the society was held on April 3, 1986. Therefore, that date was declared National Day of the Haitian Women’s Movement. Today, 32 years later, women continue fighting for a fairer and more equal country for all. Cuban hotel companies launched new proposals in Paris Several hotel companies and travel agencies from Cuba showcased their most novel proposals in the World Tourism Show in Paris, that developed in the Exposition Park of the Gate of Versailles. 2018 alternative world water forum (AWWF) held in brasilia As counterpart to the government´s and great corporation’s Eighth Worldwide Forum of the Water was held in parallel organized by the civil societies The Worldwide alternative forum of the water, FAMA 2018, in the city of Brasilia. Russia joins forces to increase the country’s economic growth The reelected president of Russia Vladimir Putin asked for a meeting with the rest of the presidential candidates. The aim is to join forces to increase the economic growth of the country. Saint Patrick’s Day: Deeply Rooted in People's Culture Celebrations on Saint Patrick's Day, which started in Ireland and later passed to other nations of the world, remains with great force in popular culture, and green is its distinctive symbol. Let's know more details in the following report. Habeas Corpus Presented by Fr President Lula's Defense Ruled Out The president of the supreme federal court of Brazil did not include in the agenda of April the analysis of the habeas corpus petition presented by the defense of former president Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva. Construction of water reservoir causes tension among african countries The construction of the Renaissance dam in Ethiopia with waters of the Nile river has generated multiple tensions. The reservoir, considered the largest of its kind in Africa, will guarantee electricity to around 60 million people. Over 20 amendments approved in China cause big media impact The approval by the Chinese legislature of 21 amendments to the constitution generates great media impact. Among the approved provisions, the one related to the number of consecutive mandates that the president can have stands out. More details with our correspondent in Beijing Isaura Diez Aqueduct of Albear, 125 years faithful to habaneros In 1893 was inaugurated in Havana a masterpiece of Cuban civil engineering of all time, the Aqueduct of Albear, the final solution to the water crisis that at that time, affected the inhabitants of the capital. Over 70 percent of voters opt for Putin's re-election Public opinion polls reveal that more than 70 percent of voters opted for the re-election of Vladimir Putin. However, each candidate disclosed his electoral program. Experts analyze elections in Russia A few days of the elections in Russia, experts give their prognosts and assessments on what will happen next march 18th. Haitians Benefit from Cuban Medical Cooperation A dozen cuban doctors attend to the inhabitants of the community of Thomazeau in the western department of Haiti. A team of Prensa Latina Television came up there and brings us the story.   A modern desalination plant supplies water for an Egyptian city The City of Hurghada, south of Egypt, suffered for many years great shortage of drinking water, it depended entirely on two cities that carried water from the Nile. Today the reality is another since the launch of a modern desalination plant that totally supplies the area. More details with our correspondent Yosbel Bullaín. Egypt conducts major military operation against terrorism The armed forces of Egypt are promoting a major military operation against terrorism. The actions that have left several extremists dead, have developed so far in the north and center of the Sinai Peninsula, as well as in the western desert. Venezuela conducts preparations for elections in spite of foreign threats The electoral process in Venezuela is advancing despite the imminent danger of a warlike confrontation, the media war, the manipulations in the exchange market and the constant measures applied to destabilize the country. China urges to avoid tensions between two Koreas China urges the two Koreas to avoid actions that produce new tensions in the region, while the United States remains with its policy of pressure against North Korea. More details with our correspondent Isaura Diez. Cuban health professionals work in Haiti for over two decades The Cuban medical brigade in Haiti celebrates this 2018 two decades bringing health to the Caribbean nation. In Port Au Prince, the capital of the country begins this tour that will relate the stories of the more than 600 Cuban professionals.